Can I get help managing my mail server?

Yes.  We have systems that let you push mail to us for spam management.

We can also manage the email configurations for you while you take care of the web hosting for your customers.  

We understand that email is complex but also a required part of your service provision to your customers.  So our mail admins are here to help you with the tasks.

You can set your ticket system to talk to us and we can manage the mail needs of your customers hosted in our systems or on your own hardware in our spaces.

You tell us what you need support with and we'll be there to provide that back up.

We also help with training or level 3 support.  If you want to manage your own systems but need help when you get stuck then we can do that too.  We charge accordingly.  

Our charging for mail support often reflects your interet to learn.  We support learners or we provide a fully costed program for folk who just want to oursource the work to us so they can have the convenience of now having the hassles as they make more gold doing what they do best.

Talk to our team today about how we can best support you with email.