Complex eMail Systems

" is easy. isn't so hard, but getting all your email from a range of different domains, to all your devices, for all your staff, without to much spam and sorted... now that's complex!", says Don Gould - mail system admin and GPLHost tech support - New Zealand.

Today your business doesn't just have one domain name any more, we know, because ours has dozens of domains just for our own company.  Your staff have lots of different devices, a phone, a tablet, their laptop, the desktop in your office, the PC at home, the list just goes on and on.  We understand that you want your email sent via your systems so that you can keep track of outgoing as well as incoming mail, you want messages backed up and in some cases you want PGP to ensure security.

We can help you to deliver a robust complex global email system complete with multi device support, webmail and backups for individuals through to orginisations with thousands of email accounts, office and staff in global locations.

Talk to us today about your requirements.  We are always happy to quote you to scope, design and build a solution that meets your individual needs.