eCommerce Solutions

"I love widgets...  give me some widgets to sell!", says Don Gould - GPLHost Sales and Tech Support based in New Zealand.

Want a shopping cart to sell your widget or just deliver an online catelogue?  Need your products photographed or copy written about ach of your widgets to give them marketing life?

Wanting to take payments online?  Need assistance setting up global distrubution?  

At GPLHost our job is to make connections and that's just want we do.  While we don't build web sites, we have a team of develpers and partners who do and we can make your products visible around the global.

We can assist you with setting up your social media interfaces, getting phone ordering lines connected and connecting you with resources to take calls if needed.

Selling is about building relationships and relationships start with introductions, eCommerce solutions are about making introductions and connecting customers with information about your widgets or services.

Talk to us today about the scope of your project and want you want to acheive.