Back Up Systems

Got a stack of data in your office or home that keeps you up at night hoping the building doesn't burn down?

Talk to us about Disaster Recovery solutions.  

"When an earthquake strikes, business just ends when the policeman tells you that you have to just leave the building with nothing and you don't get to come back for 3 years." says GPLHost's Don Gould, the tech support guy from Christchurch New Zealand where a 7.2 earthquake destroyed his entire CBD in 60 seconds.

With virtualised systems, we can back up your entire data enviornments and then move that content off line.  With our global network we can put your data in another part of the world to reduce the risk of compromise.

We can provide a range of back up solutions for your hosted services with us, from shared hosting to dedicated servers.  Talk to us about the level of protection you want and we'll put a plan in place.

We can also assist you with complex data recovery from file level to entire platform.