IP Resources & BGP

"Where is that server actually located?! is a question I hear all the time from my team because we have the ability to put IP addresses where ever they're needed no matter where the physical server exists", says Damien Mascord - CTO GPLHost, located in Sydney Australia.

We can provide you with IP resources to meet your project needs and we can put them where you need them with the correct GEO coding on them for your location and project.

We can also announce your IP ranges from our routers, set up IP tunnels and move traffic where you need it.

We're all about building complex solutions and making them look simple.  

We know that your projects might need more than on IP address and we're happy to assist as required.  SSL certificates need IPs, as do dedicated servers, VPS, your routers, dedicated servers, server arrays, just talk to us and we'll move some resource to where you need it.

We also understand about the need to have resources apear as though they're in the same place even though they're not.  We can bridge networks and design complex connections.

Talk to us today about the scope of your next project or how we might help you with your existing one.