Dedicated Servers

"I told my mum I worked with blade servers all day and she told me to be careful not to cut myself", says Damien Mascord - CTO at GPLHost based in Sydney Australia.

From 1RU or individual blades in a server array, talk to us about your needs.  We have servers in many of our DCs with full IP KVM access ready to go on Hot Standby.  

The benefit of a dedicated server is that you can manage your CPU and disk loads as you desire without other customers causing impat on your site performance.  You can also secure your data as you desire with us either having full access or none as your requirements dictate.

At many of our sites we can also arrange hot swaping of hard disks for system backups, local access to software for set up and configurations and DR solutions.

Short or long term lease, we can help you to stand up resources quickly.

We can also assist you with purchase of new or second hand equipment for your project.  The corporate and government market place is just awash with equipment as constant upgrades are required to meet their constantly growing needs, so you can cash in on some sweet deals for equipment from individual server right up to fully stacked blade systems.