Our History

GPLHost started out life as a software development project driven by need.  The work on our control panel, DTC, started in arround 2001 / 2002. When Thomas started to work on it, he began to need a real server to host with and do some experiments.  So he wrote on his personal web page that he was needing a server to continue his development.  Daniel from iGlobalNetwork contacted him, and offered him a server to continue his developments, and then pushed him to start selling hosting on that server to cover costs, as it was  consuming power and space.

Since then, companies where registered (the LLC in USA in 2003, the Singapore company in 2005, the UK based company for all European operations in London in 2006) and GPLHost started to grow beyond expectations.

The fact that we are the leading open source software server hosting company makes us very special.  When we started you wouldn't find any company like ours.  At the time our software solution was the only one in the world that has reached major distributions like Debian or FreeBSD.

Today of course many people have been inspired to build a our internet on open source software solutions like the software we've been part of developing.

Over the past decade we have attacted many new parters.  Some have come and gone and some are still with us today leading the company, such as Damein and Don.

Our history is the reason why we're pasionate about having resources to help others, who are inspired, to rise up and do great things with software on the Internet!