VPS - Virtual Private Servers

"We started playing with virtualisation for the same reason everyone else did.  Computers got so fast that lots of people just didn't need a whole dedicated machine just to do what they needed to do", says Damien Mascord - GPLHost CTO based in Sydney Australia.

We can deiver Virtual Servers to your custom configuration at one, more or all of our data centres.  We can also mirror your configurations to save you time duplicating your configuration effort.

All your servers can be controlled from a single panel where you can request server backups, monitor performance, perform reboots and take systems on and off line as you desire.  We can also intergrate resources from your own dedicated servers if needed.

You can purchase virtual servers on our equipment or we can assit you in virtualising your own equipment either in our data centres or locations of your own choice.

The key benefit of a virtual server is that you can control its configuration and perform backup and restore opperations on the entire system without having to manage individual file level controls.  This can be very useful if you have complex server configurations that can change dynamiclly such as security policies.