Consulting & Training

Resource Planing - Project Scoping - Software Develpment - Training Programs - Network Designs - System Administration Planning

Need assistance working out just how much resource your project needs?  Running a global hosting company means that we have years of experience in system resource management.

Talk to us about your needs and we'll help you design a solution that fits.  Starting from a simple system scope or concept, we can help you develop your ideas in to a robust project.

Our people have decades of experience developing software on an extensive range of platforms around the globe.  While our obvious preference is Open Source projects, we do also develop closed source applications for vertical and horozontal markets.

Got your project complete but now needs to plan the training or design a network to deploy it on or line up a support team to keep it running and manage disasters before they happen?

We build solutions and we help others do the same, so talk to us today about what you're trying to acheive and we'll help get you across the line.