Looking for emplyment?  

We don't have full time staff, but we do farm out contract work regually and like many in the IT community we're always on the look out for good people as we often get asked to find good resources.

If you're looking for some work then you should send a CV to

About your CV

  • Great English

Your CV to us with be in perfect English.  That will mean that it is faultless with respect to spelling and grama.  We figure, that if you can take the simple amount of time required to write a perfect document about yourself then how can we have any assurance that you'll do anything for use with any degree of accuracy.  In your world, you have to be the most important person, so treat yourself and put some real effort into creating the perfect presentation about yourself.

  • Current Training

You'll tell us what you're currently doing to improve your learning.  This doesn't mean you have to be enroled in a university, it means that you have to be focused on doing something academic for your own learning.  It also doesn't have to be something computer related.  It's important to us to see that you're always thinking about education.

  • Current Volenteer Work

We like to reward people with our work who are giving something back to the community.  We also look closely at projects that you have worked on.  Frankly it doesn't impress us as much to see you've worked for some amazing companies as it does to see what community projects you've given your time and resources to freely.

  • Projects You've worked on.

We do need to see things that you've worked on in the past, but we also need to properly understand what you did and how long it took you to do it.  Telling us "I worked with the team on blar web site" isn't useful to us.  You need to tell us what you contributed and how much time it took for those contributions.

  • Coding Examples

We need to see examples of your coding and scripting.  The key thing we look for in code is very clear plain English documentation and good use of variable naming.  For example, writing 'for x = 1 to y' to make a look to do something is very poor coding because we have no idea what y is.  We also don't understand why you're doing this.  You should have written 'for nProcessOranges = 1 to nNumberOfOrangesInABox" and then included a comment that says #Process the oranges in a box within the following 'for loop'.  What we want to see is a demonstration that you include the business proporistion with the actual code.  That helps the next guy to quickly understand your code should they need to mondify it to add more functinoality.

  • Web Site

We're all about hosting web content and internet based applications.  If you can demonstrate that you can present the simplest of web sites with information about yourself then you're wasting your time making contact with us because that's what we do for people every day, all day.

  • Your email address

if your email address is then don't even bother.  We're about hosting email accounts for our customers and you need to demonstrate that you can set up an email address for yourself to be useful in our business.

  • Graphic Designers

We want to see your work product.  We're not interested in just seeing your finished art, we want to see the development process that you took to get to that art.  So your presentation will detail your sketches and concept drawings right through to your finished art and will tell us how long tasks took you to complete.

  • Time Taken

Everything we do has to be billed and explained to our customers.  Often we have to quote your work.  We understand work takes time to do.  When we're asking how long a project took to do, we're not out to judge you.  We're out to understand how long you take to do tasks so that we can present the customer with a budget that we then don't have to go back on.

We find that many first timers get concerned that we're just wanting to judge them and find the fastest, cheapest resource that we can. That's simply not the case.  We're out to make sure that we sent reasonable expectations with customers, and to do that we have to have good information about you so that we can make a proper presentation.