DTC - Domain Technologie Control

A GPL web control panel for admin and accounting hosting services :
Domain Technologie Control (DTC) is a control panel aiming at commercial hosting. Using a web GUI for the administration and accounting all hosting services, DTC can delegate the task of creating subdomains, email, ssh, database, mailing lists, and FTP accounts to users for the domain names they own.

DTC manages a MySQL database containing all the hosting informations, and configure your server's services and apllication for doing virtual hosting (DTC is compabible with a huge list of applications). It also connects to dtc-xen to manage and monitor the usage of Virtual Private Servers (VPS), it does the billing in general (including billing of dedicated servers), has integrated support tickets and more.

DTC is packed with useful features for anyone wanting to run commerical hosting:
  • Real-time bandwidth monitor for all server on each user basis
  • Automatic ip update (dyndns-like feature)
  • Antivirus and anti-spam with spam quarantine ("spam" imap folder) for mail
  • Automated backup NS and MX between 2 or more control panels (with domain list exchange over HTTPS)
  • Unix type independency (can run on FreeBSD, redhat, debian, OS-X and others.)
  • Store-front integration with registration form and payment gateway option
  • Mailing lists with many options (including moderation, header customization, and HTML archives)
  • Full internationalization: translated to many languages (currently up to 11)
  • Management of all types of hosting: Shared, Dedicated or VPS
  • Full billing system, including customer invoicing and renewals, and company book keeping with multiple company support (currently only supporting one currency at a time)
  • Integrated support ticket system
  • Full server monitoring system, globally and per service and user IN REAL TIME
Why administration is best with DTC?
  • Chrooted cgi-bin with execution limitation to protect your server
  • Non-intrusive installer that will NOT destroy your current server config but only modify what's realy needed
  • No ugly daemon running: we use apache directly (and there is no reasons why it would be down at any moment...)
  • Choice of running daemon: apache 1.3 or 2, mysql 3.23, 4 or even 5, from php 4.1.2 to php5, proftpd or pure-ftpd, qmail or postfix, etc...
  • Professional but affordable business support for your hosting company

Current Online Resources
If you want to install DTC, we suggest you start to :

Talk to us about a trial VPS progam and we'll help you through the onboarding processes.
When you're ready, you can then look at your own dedicated resources.
You can also install DTC in a machine container on your own desktop.  
We do recommend Debian as the best platform for beginners to learn the ropes.
Good starting points include: