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7. Credit
Main coding, design, and ideas by Thomas Goirand (thomas [ at ], working hard since 2002 to bring DTC to what it is right now. Many ideas and design where all taken from nice contributors.
Here is the contributor list, please write to me if I forgot you:
  • Damien Mascord : Sbox, Postfix, Courier, Dovecot, sasl, maildrop support have all been made by him. He is a very active contributor, a good coder, doing very good job in the panel, including fixing some big problems and finding smart ideas. See if you need to get in touch.
  • Cristian Livadaru : Cyrus support
  • Dwayne Meertins : Many HTML corrections + Duch translation
  • Luca Franceschini : MLMMJ support
  • Rroet : He did the privilege separation and the move to /usr/share. No news of him since 2004: please contact me if you read this!
  • Frederic Cambus & Clement Laforet : Initial BSD port, thank you guys, for your help!
  • Daryelle Lathem : Free radius ideas and some BSD port improvement.
  • Brian Freemans (admin at : Protected apache directories.
  • Many thanks to all the translators : Jelle Kalf (Dutch), Igor Trofimov (Russian), Feher Sandor (Hungarian), Jose Toscano and Jorge Mendez (Espanol), Andrea Polte (Deutsch), Luca Franceschini (Italiano), my lovely girlfriend Cao Wei (Chinese)