Domain Technologie Control
Take the control of your domain name :
Xen VPS servers
We provide xen hosting on our hight end servers, on which we provide our open source control panel with free setup and support on instant messenging (MSN, Yahoo, Skype, ICQ & AIM). These are available in many countries places Singapore, Australia, USA (California and Florida), Paris, London, Barcelona, Israel, etc.
Dedicated servers

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Shared hosting
Shared hosting service with certified bandwidth, your own IP addresses + SSL + CERT for the same site hosted on both sides of the ocean : YES ! GPL.Host makes it possible for less than $5.5/month !
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6. Participate to DTC development
There are many ways you can help the dev team. First, as a user, you can tell us your ideas and submit bugs. This already helps a lot! Please don't yell in my mailbox "I need a reseller panel" or "there is no product manager" or even "I need to have xxx content manager integrated". The dev team is already aware of those lacks, and it might be soon on the way.
Second, if you have some knowledge of Unix, as an administrator, you can help us improve security. Writing a control panel is NOT only building a config file for a given daemon, that is the easy part. What's hard is to deal with all daemon installers, security holes and issues like cross site scripting (this reminds me to tell everybody to disable site preview when in production (the one that will do http(s):// because of cross-site scripting). That is especially true when dealing with a daemon or service that the authors of DTC have never used before, like currently with sympa MLM. If you think you have some administration knowledge and that you can spend some time with the authors of DTC on the chat, please contact us.
Third, if you are a developer, you can submit any code to the dev team. If it's good enough (most chance it will, you are not so bad are you?) it will be integrated in main archives for the next release. Contributions are always welcome and we often help a lot of newcomers.
Another way to help is to provide a server for tests. Testing DTC in all environments is not easy when you consider the number of Unix distributions we would like to support. We would be interested having root access on FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Fedora, Gentoo and MacOS X. DO NOT grant access if you think you will not be able to give it for a long time (at least few months). Help from developers on those platforms is also very welcome.
Last but not least, if you think that DTC is of interest, and that it helps you in your everyday administration or for you business, you can help financially by using the PayPal button bellow. Remember that DTC is given to you for free whereas the commercial solutions are VERY expensive, so donating a bit is really nothing compared to those costs. We will accept any amount, however small (we'll accept the big ones too :), so don't be concerned about the amount. Thanks if you do help!
Contact: thomas [ at ] goirand [ dot ] fr, or join the #dtc-dev channel on IRCnet (my nick is zigo).