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4. Operating system compatibility table
  • DEBIAN - Fully tested and working under Stable and Sid. This is the main development platform so it's the best supported system. All sub-packages are available in our ftp (mod_log_sql, mysqmail, sbox-dtc, etc.). Please note that Woody support is to be stopped.

  • FREEBSD - An old version (0.32.x) is already in the FreeBSD port tree under /usr/ports/sysutils/dtc, but we suggest you switch to a newer version, 0.12 being very old. We did some tests with the 0.17.0-R4 of DTC, and the current port works perfectly with Apache2, mod_log_sql2 and php4 or 5. SBOX is ported too, in /usr/ports/www/sbox-dtc. We always need help in FreeBSD, so please contribute.

  • CENTOS - The latest versions have been tested and debugged for CentOS 5.

  • MAC OS X Server - The package works, even if recompiling mod_log_sql and sbox involves administrator's work. There is currently no graphical installer, but there might be one soon.

  • GENTOO - DTC has been reported to work well by the one who contributed with small patches. Gentoo is now integrated in our multi-os build system, and its automated install script with pre-definited path is working. Complete ebuild package contributions are welcome as nobody from the dev team uses Gentoo.
There is also a generic multi-unix package. In fact, porting DTC to your OS mainly consists in setting up the correct path for daemon configuration files, and recompiling mod_log_sql and sbox. If you can provide help to support FreeBSD, Mac OS X, RedHat Gentoo, or any other Unix system, please contact us.
Note to debian maintainer : DTC is looking for a sponsor or an advocate either to have me (Thomas Goirand) be a new maintainer or have my software uploaded to the repository. This package is now mature enough, and I'm willing to do all the necessary adjustments so that DTC will comply with Debian policy. To that purpose, a huge amount of work has already been gone through (there is even a source package available). If you are interested, please contact thomas [ at ] goirand [ dot ] fr.