A Xen dom0 CPU+Network grapher and a SOAP server on wich a DTC panel connects to manages your VMs
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dtc-xen: brings a full Xen control panel to your Xen server by connecting a DTC panel to it

5. Presentation of DTC-Xen: Xen Summit Asia 2009 at Intel Shanghai
On the 19 and 20th novermber 2009, GPLHost came to the Xen Summit Asia 2009 at Intel Shanghai. There, we presented our work on DTC and DTC-Xen, foccused only on how to use it to resell VPSes.

You can see the page about it on the xen.org site.

We have put the documents of this presentation on this website as well. You can download them directly from this page:

You can as well see the videos on Dailymotion:

Or on youtube:
Quality on the youtube version might be a little bit better because the videos are in HD format. Downloading them might be even better if you don't mind to wait for the download time.

We would like to thanks the people from Citrix (especially Stephen Spector) and Intel for giving us the opportunity to present our software during the meeting.