A Xen dom0 CPU+Network grapher and a SOAP server on wich a DTC panel connects to manages your VMs
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dtc-xen: brings a full Xen control panel to your Xen server by connecting a DTC panel to it

1. Abstract

What is it?

You might be aware that Xen is one today's best virtualization technology. From Xen's site: "Modern computers are sufficiently powerful to use virtualization to present the illusion of many smaller virtual machines (VMs), each running a separate operating system instance.".

Xen is particulary fast, with near "bare metal performances", but it's shipped without any web administration software. DTC-Xen's goal is NOT to cancel all the administration job (you still need to setup your Xen kernel and operation system), but it makes it possible to resell Xen space and to provide a control panel for xen.

Because even with many explanation, it apeared that many didn't understood, here's a small drawing done with OpenOffice Impress so you understand better how it works.
As you can see, the DTC control panel can be hosted somewhere, and the dtc-xen package in another server. We DO suggest you to install the minimum things possible on the dom0 for security reasons, and setup the DTC panel in another server (possibly a VPS inside the same server).

For example, for it's customers, GPLHost uses only one centralized DTC control panel in Singapore, and has Xen server running DTC-Xen in many locations arround the globe (Singapore, Sydney, LA, Florida, Paris, etc.).