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Call back and chat support
If you want to to discuss your hosting need, or simply because you want us to open an account over the phone, we can call you back at any time in 35 major countries. Just fill out the form... or add our IDs into your IM application.
Unique control panel
Our VPS Hosting control panel is the only solution that has reached major UNIX distribution like Debian or Ubuntu. Since the 14 Feb. 2008, Debian Lenny has been released as the new stable distribution, and it includes our DTC and DTC-Xen software.
Instant Account Activation
Don't wait for somebody to manually setup your VPS. Our solution is fully automated. As soon as you have paid for your VPS hosting, our scripts start and setup your VPS instantly, thanks to our instant account activation feature.
Pay as you go
There is no recurring payment system here. We do not record your credit card information, and we do not use recurring billing, you just pay when you receive a renewal reminder, for the period you choose.

VPS Hosting

Get your own root shell on one of our Xen VPS hosting package. Our VPS let you have the root on a server as if you were on a true dedicated server, at a very low cost. Performances remain almost unchanged, as we don't put too many customers on the same hardware and provide tight monitoring (see below).

Now with 128 MB of RAM
Your own VPN server and backup DNS for just 12 USD per month is possible with GPLHost!
(4 months minimum subscription)
Buy now $12 /month
See renewal discount

Now with 256 MB of RAM
Enough to run a basic web server for static content with no serious mail storage.
(3 months minimum subscription)
Buy now $18 /month
See renewal discount

Now with 512 MB of RAM
The minimum for running the DTC control panel without mail scanning, antispam or antivirus.
(2 months minimum subscription)
Buy now $25 /month
See renewal discount

Now with 784 MB of RAM
Start your first web activity and prepare for a fair traffic, and limited mail scanning.
Buy now $30 /month
See renewal discount

Now with 1220 MB of RAM
Resell your own Web space using DTC, for bigger content and popular content.
Buy now $50 /month
See renewal discount

Now with 2 GB of RAM
For digg-resistant web servers with reverse proxy server and high mail traffic.
Buy now $70 /month
See renewal discount

The above prices are those of our VPS ZONE 1: VPS hosting in Singapore, Seattle, Atlanta, Malaysia and Israel.
For the VPS ZONE 2 prices of our VPS hosting in Australia (Sydney), please click here.
Want a VPS in Europe? We have space in Paris, London, Barcelona and Zurich: go to our European VPS hosting page at
The above prices don't include the payment gateway fees (0 to 5% depending on the payment method) and are for zone 1 only.
All the above prices are in USD. See more details about our VPS Hosting network.

Realtime availability

Rest of the world Europe

Features of our VPS hosting

GPLHost network is IPv6 ready,
with autoconfiguration
  • High quality Supermicro hardware (see below)
  • Wide choice of location thanks to our unique world-wide coverage (see our network)
  • You will get access to an account that uses our open source VPS management software. This gives the below features:
    • On demand reinstallation using network and not OS images, so your always get the very latest version of your OS of choice (Debian, CentOS or NetBSD)
    • Physical VPS console access using ssh
    • Monitoring of your VPS activity and that of the other VPS on the server you are running on (CPU, I/O and Network activity)
    • Active Nagios monitoring of your VPS sending you alerts
    • Reverse automated DNS setup
    • Shutdown, forced shutdown, start and fsck (file system check) of your VPS
    • 2 IPs for free (one by default, the 2nd upon justification, more if you pay for it)
  • Technical support (email + phone hotline + monitoring)
  • Anti DoS iptables rules on the dom0, but open firewall policy
  • DTC hosting control panel for easy configuration and server administration IF you take Pack 4 or more

VPS hosting VPS Platform

Our Xen VPS hosting control panel

We have released an open source solution for Xen VPS hosting. This solution gives our customer the ability to start/shutdown/force-shutdown a virtual server. With it, you can also do a file system check (fsck) and reinstall your operating system from scratch with a few clicks on our control panel. Another nice feature is that once you have processed the account opening form and payment, your account will be opened instantly, and your operating system installed. All you will have to do is start the virtual machine by clicking on the "boot-up" button, setup a root password, and start using your VPS.

Here are some screenshot of that interface:

Bandwidth & I/O

If you want to know more about it, look into the project pages here:
GPLHost open source Xen control panel home

Also, once (optionally) installed inside your VPS, DTC can manage your mailboxes, FTP and ssh accounts, install PHP applications automatically, configure mailing lists and your of course your website. If you do use DTC in your VPS, do not get confused with the one used to manage your VPS. It's the same software, but installed in different places, and for different use. See here for a much bigger description of DTC:
GPLHost open source webhosting control panel home

Since 2009, the setup of DTC in your VPS is performed in less than 10 minutes with a single click on your VPS management interface: select "e;Debian with DTC"e; using the drop-down list, enter your password, click install, wait 5 minutes until the install finishes, boot up, wait 5 more minutes (DTC is setting-up at first boot in fact) and that is it!

Our VPS hosting hardware:

Supermicro SC813T chassis
We now get only Supermicro 1U servers with PDSME+, and S8STi-F motherboard with core2 quad processor with VT and EM64T features (1066 MHz RAM), so we can run 64 bits operating systems. All our servers have at least 4x1GB of RAM (often 4x2GB now) and 2x320 (often 2x750 GB) SATA2 hard drives, running under Linux Debian Stable for the Xen dom0, with our management software DTC-Xen.

Our latest servers are now running core i7 with 12 GB of RAM and 4x500 GB SATA hard drives using RAID10.

We don't use expensive dual-processor xeon platforms, as the cost of this kind of platform would double the overall retail price of your VPS. We are convinced that the type of hardware we have selected is a perfect balance between reliability, speed and price, as they offer you the best deal with the maximum power. Also, we keep using smaller footprint in terms of RAM (no more than 4x1GB or 4x2GB) as we don't want to put too many customers on the same server (unlike many other hosts do).

Because hard drives DO fail, we also use RAID1 (or RAID10) all the time for the safety of your data (this has already saved the life of our customer's data many times). Your virtual server will be hosted in a native LVM partition of physical servers for faster access (no slow NFS access) mounted on top of this RAID array.

A few words about Xen virtualisation software:

We use Xen virtualisation system because it's simply the state one of the art in virtual server hosting (VPS hosting). With Xen, the final virtual machine users enjoy short cpu, hard drive and network latencies thanks to accurate scheduling (note: this is totally different from other virtualization technologies like UML, vServer or Virtuozzo). Memory is not shared and not burstable among users, the physical memory is simply split into slices that we rent to you, the same way we do with LVM HDD slices.

GPLHost is also participating on the development of Xen in Debian, and has recently taken over the maintainership of the Xen Qemu device model package in Debian.

VPS hosting packages and setup

It is possible to setup our control panel DTC on all VPS with at least 256 MB of RAM (512 MB required for a fully working email content scaning system). It supports only on Debian Stable or higher and on CentOS (but setup is not automated on this distribution: we use the howto on our wiki). Even if other OSes are supported, installation takes currently too much, so it wont be a satisfying option. Note that this may change in the near future.


We can setup Debian Stable or Testing systems as you require, and this solution is fully managed, including our control panel and its dependencies. Note that unlike our competitors, we don't use templates or OS images: we use debootstrap to setup the latest versions of all packages so you get an updated system directly.

Even if our VPS are unmanaged, we happily reply to all your questions related to the use of a Debian system. We do provide extensive help on instant messenger for almost all kinds of situations, thanks to more than 10 years of experience in Debian administration and programming.


Our system can setup CentOS VPSes directly using yum. Unlike our competitors, our VPS are installed using a network setup, and not an image based install, so you will end up with an up-to-date system directly. Note that you need at least a pack3 here, as yum is taking too much memory to run in smaller packs. Our pack 1 and 2 are not adapted to run CentOS.

It is worth noting that we are now the official maintainers of the yum package in Debian, as seen on this page.


Our system enables you to select between the normal and install kernel, so you can proceed to the setup of NetBSD through the official installer. YES! You will do the NetBSD install by yourself, using the physical console of the VPS, using ssh. Note that we support only NetBSD 5, as this is the only one that can be paravirtualized with Xen.

As NetBSD uses a very small amount of RAM, you actually can use it on a VPS pack1 to run a few services like a DNS server.


We are using the official tarball archives provided by Gentoo (so this is image based).

As you will need to recompile your packages to install them, we suggest you take at least a pack 4 if not pack 5.


DTC-Xen is using some customized images downloaded from jailtime (currently: FC9).

Our pack 1 and 2 are not adapted to run Fedora Core. Please select a pack with more memory.


Mandriva Linux (formerly Mandrakelinux or Mandrake Linux) is a French Linux distribution distributed by Mandriva (formerly Mandrakesoft). It uses the RPM Package Manager.


If you feel like you're an old school guy, and have your habbits with this distribution, then you will be happy to see that GPLHost supports it as well. Note that we do not provide any support for it, so it's fully self managed.


Like the work from our german friends? They at least deserves respect for working on Xen, and maintaining some quality dom0 patch.


DTC-Xen is using some customized images for Ubuntu (currently: Ubuntu 9.04).

Appliances automatically deployed on your Debian VPS

We have developed a new system to deploy applications on your VPS. This system is fully automated to make it easy to use for your own good. Just register a VPS, select the type of application you want to deploy, click on reinstall, then on the next boot of your VPS, the application will setup automatically for you.

Elastix PBX

Elastix is a graphical interface for the Asterisk software PBX (VoIP phone server). Our appliance will setup everything for you in one click so you have a ready to use web interface to configure your phone server with full billing and so on, so you can resell VoIP services on our platform.

You will need at least our pack4 to run Elastix, a pack5 is advised.

FreeNX Server

FreeNX server is a (quite new) remote desktop system that will allow you to remotely use a Linux desktop environment. It is very fast, and secure (over ssh). You can use it with either Gnome or KDE. Our automated setup will install both FreeNX (the server wish shadowing support, nxsadmin, nxproxy, etc.) and either KDE or Gnome (at your preference).

A minimum of 512 MB of RAM to run FreeNX and your desktop system has prooven to be enough, and a pack6 is advised heavy users.


Our system pre-setup OpenVPN with 20 client keys generated for windows and OpenVPN GUI. There is nothing for you to do to configure the server side. You only need to download the keys generated by our script in your workstation, install OpenVPN GUI, and go! A very small VPS is enough to run OpenVPN: our pack1 is quite enough.

Turnkey Linux Ubuntu Server Appliances

From the Turnkey Linux web site: Turnkey Linux is an open source project developing a free virtual appliance library that features the very best server-oriented open source software. Each virtual appliance is optimized for ease of use and can be deployed in just a few minutes on bare metal, a virtual machine and in the cloud.Why? Because everything that can be easy, should be easy.

GPLHost brings you today, most of the Turnkey Linux, installable in just one click on our Xen platform.

LAMP Stack

LAMP is a popular open source web platform commonly used to run dynamic web sites and servers. It includes Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Python/Perl and is considered by many the platform of choice for development and deployment of high performance web applications which require a solid and reliable foundation.
See it on

Joomla - Cutting Edge Content Management

Joomla! is an award-winning Content Management System (CMS) for building websites as well as a Model–view–controller (MVC) Web Application Development framework. The system includes features such as page caching to improve performance, RSS feeds, printable versions of pages, news flashes, blogs, polls, website searching, and language internationalization.
See it on

Domain Controller - Drop-in PDC replacement

A Samba-based Windows PDC (Primary Domain Controller) server (without the Windows) which is configured to support netlogon, network attached storage for domain users, roaming profiles and PnP printing services with an example PDF printing service. Includes a powerful web interface for configuring Samba and printing services.
See it on

Zimbra - Email and Collaboration Suite

Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) is a groupware product that includes a web-based collaboration suite. It features email and group calendars, advanced search capabilities with date relationships, online document authoring and mashups. It provides an Ajax web interface that enables tool tips, draggable items, and right-click menus in the UI.
See it on

Tomcat on Apache - Java Servlet and JSP Platform

Tomcat is a servlet container that implements the Java Servlet and the JavaServer Pages (JSP) specifications, and provides a "pure Java" HTTP web server environment for Java code to run in. Tomcat powers numerous large-scale, mission-critical web applications across a diverse range of industries and organizations.
See it on

Torrent Server - File download and sharing server

A file server with integrated multi-protocol file sharing that can be used to handle all types of file downloads. Files can be added to the download list using the Torrent Server handler extension for FireFox, or through a simple web interface that allows you to manage the server remotely. Especially useful for centralizing file sharing on a shared network. Includes anti-virus scanning. Take care of respecting copyright laws here, remember you are responsible!
See it on

Redmine - Integrated SCM & Project Management

Redmine is a Rails web application that provides integrated project management features, issue tracking, and support for multiple version control programs. It includes calendar and gantt charts to aid visual representation of projects and their deadlines. It also features multi-project support, role based access control, a per-project wiki, and project forums.
See it on

phpBB - Community Forum Solution

phpBB is used by millions, making it the most used Open Source forum solution in the world. phpBB incorporates a professional-quality modular design, high security, multiple-language interface and an extensive administration panel, which allows the customization of even the most intricate features.
See it on

Trac - Integrated SCM & Project Management

Trac is a web-based project management and bug-tracking tool. It allows hyperlinking information between a computer bug database, revision control and wiki content. It also serves as a web interface to the revision control systems Subversion, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar, Perforce and Darcs. Among the users of Trac is NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
See it on

Django Appliance - High-level Python Web Framework

Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Python's equivalent to the famous Ruby on rails, Django lets you build high-performing, elegant Web applications quickly. Django focuses on automating as much as possible and adhering to the "Don't Repeat Yourself" (DRY) principle.
See it on

OTRS - Ticket Request System

OTRS is a Ticket Request System (also well known as trouble ticket system) with many features to manage customer telephone calls and e-mails. The system is built to allow your support, sales, pre-sales, billing, internal IT, helpdesk, etc. department to react quickly to inbound inquiries.
See it on

TurnKey Core - Common Base for All Appliances

There are many more TurKey Linux Appliances available that we didn't list one by one. Here's the list of other images not listed, with links to the TurnKey Linux site:
Drupal 6, Wordpress, MediaWiki, File server, Ruby on Rails, Revision Control, Moodle, Lapp, Deki, TWiki, Ejabber, Gallery, DokuWiki, ProjectPier, Symfony, MoinMoin, Roundup, Bugzilla, Mantis

Why VPS hosting at GPLHost is a good overall deal

VPS hosting traffic

You will discuss with us the traffic shaping policy that best fits your needs when using your Virtual Private Server, and we will help you setup linux CBQ traffic shaping with either strong or very bustable bandwidth, to protect you against high unwanted peaks but providing a good quality of bandwidth. Bandwidth overage is calculated at the rate of $0.75 each GB over quota, accounted on your end-of-the-month invoice. Monthly costs are to be paid in advance.

Memory usage and package choice considerations for our VPS hosting

Please take into consideration that a setup with our control panel implies the use of many servers that use a lot of memory, especially with email virus and spam scanning. With our normal setup, you have apache + mysql + php + postfix + amavis + clamav + spamassassin + courier + ftp server + etc... With 128MB, your VPS will swap directly when it boots, and with 128MB memory + 128MB swap is not enough for spamassassin to work properly if you receive heavy emails. So please consider taking AT LEAST package 4, and forget about running it in a packages lower than package 3 (in fact even Pack 3 is not something we would advise you to take with the control panel: sometimes some process may die because of a lack of available memory).

Here are some screenshots of the control panel we can setup for free (Debian only) in our vps hosting:
VPS root web panel

More screenshots can be seen in our open source control panel screenshot page.

GPLHost does good VPS hosting CPU deals

Public CPU monitor example for all VPSes of a server
We do a very carful monitoring of the CPU usage, to make sure that there is no VPS having a 100% CPU load (most of the time, this happens by mistake because of a process running in an infinite loop). Customers taking all the server CPU are kindly requested to move to dedicated server hosting within less than a month.

Even better, with GPLHost, you have access to a CPU monitor (see snap of an hourly log on the right).

This diagram will let you know daily, weekly, monthly and yearly who is the customer that takes all the machine time on the physical hardware. That way you KNOW that the server is not overloaded.

The CPU and Network monitor is, as all the software we do, released in open source. It's written in python, as python is what uses Xen, and is available as a part of DTC-Xen.

Before you register: read this about the procedure:

When you register your VPS, you will be redirected to our registration form in one of our servers in Singapore that is used for managing all VPSes that are not in Europe (another server is used for Europe, please see the link at the top of this page). The registration procedure is fully automated, and after payment, you will have your VPS starting to setup automatically. However, please note that not all the systems presented above are shown on the registration page. If you do want to use an operating not listed on the registration page, just select NetBSD (so the installation will not start automatically which saves time), then once you are registered, you will be able to install the type of operating system or appliance you want from within your account with us.

You are strongly encouraged to send us an e-mail stating all the requirements for your VPS such as: operating system (Debian with DTC control panel, Debian (without DTC), NetBSD, CentOS...), application you would like to run, and anything else you think we should know. We are always happy to answer any pre-sale questions and guide you through our offers.

Our normal setup includes only one (LVM backend) ext3 partition, and a swap partition equal to amount of memory (we won't allow you to use more swap space, and we monitor our VPSes I/O usages to be sure they don't swap like crazy, slowing down all the server). Your VPS will be first setup with one unique IP address and if you need more, we will have to ask you why, as per APNIC (Asia) / ARIN (USA) / RIPE (Europe) policy.

Also, note that our company may at any time ask you for further details needed to check your identity, like a copy of your ID card or passport. We can also call you to check the validity of your phone number. This could cause delays, in some suspicious registrations, your account activation. If we have any concerns about a new registration, we would block your account (by shutting down your VPS, and changing your account password) until you send us a scanned copy of your passport, ID card, or driver's license. We do understand that this can be very annoying for new customers, but that's the only way we can protect ourselves against the growing number of hackers registering VPSes with a stolen paypal account or credit card. We've had many cases like this, and we've sued such fraudsters in the past. Our goal here is not to be an annoying service provider, but to make sure that, as much as possible, hackers are kept away from our VPS hosting service as much as possible. If you want to avoid such issues, make sure that your registration is done properly (as in: no fake information), and eventually, send us a copy of your photo ID document to info@ just right after your registration.